Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Sadly, I haven't even thought of the topic until today.  I hate New Years resolutions because they seem like they are just setting you up for failure!  Haha.  What I will not promise myself:

  • My house will be cleaner
  • I will be more orgaized
  • I will lose weight
  • I will eat less chocolate.....
No, no.  It's not that these things are not good things.  It's just that they are my weakest points.   I have been dealing with these things for 38 years!  But I thought about it, and I should have resolutions. You know, to better myself.  We all need that. Right?  So here they are:

  • I will live every day in the light of God's grace, knowing that I deserve the worst, yet He reserves for me the best.
  • I will tell as many others about this wonderful grace that God has poured out on me.
  • I will try to treat others with the same grace ( me!) even when my feelings get hurt.  
  • I will remember that I am not good.  My opinion isn't the only opinion.  And I will try to love.  Always love.  
  • I will try not to complain so much!!!
  • I will be able to forgive myself when I fail any of the above.
I think that is enough. Sigh.  

What is your New Years resolution?

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