Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Christmas Gift

I heard this quote on the radio yesterday morning:

"Every relationship is a perfect storm without the Gospel"

I got to thinking about it, and I find it to be so very true.  Even with the Gospel (not taken seriously) our relationships can be quite tumultuous.  Two differing opinions, coupled with uncontrolled emotions can be quite disastrous.  The gospel message, however, should help us to realize that dying to self is important in any relationship.  If you are struggling in your relationships, maybe it is time to stop complaining and start giving.  Instead of complaining, stop and think about what you can do for that person to make them feel loved. You might be surprised at what you get in return.

Think about this:  Jesus Christ came to earth 2,000 years ago to save a race of whiny little brats who stamp their feet at God and proclaim NOT FAIR!   He could have said, Nah-they don't deserve me (we don't) but, instead He pursued us.  He loved us.   In the act of ultimate sacrifice, He gave His life for us!  A model of what perfect love should be.

Christmas is all about giving.  Relationships are all about giving.  Give the gift of yourself this year.  Especially if you are struggling in your marriage or any other relationship.  We can be thankful that Christ didn't give up on us, but rather, He gave it all for us.  May we strive to emulate His perfect love!

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