Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vaccine Wars

Today I am venturing out into waters that I have purposely ignored in this venue.  Why?  Because it is not my intention to convince anyone of anything.  I feel compelled, however, to step into the ring with my boxing gloves squarely in place.

The debate is heating up.  To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?  Part of the reason that it is heating up right now is because more an more people are taking notice and educating themselves on the subject.  It even appears that they don't like what they are finding.  Despite the CDC's propaganda, including the new movie Contagion more and more families are saying no to vaccines. 

And with the percentage of people vaccinating waning, comes the new push to "mandate" vaccines.  As if it weren't enough to vilify educated families in movies and articles as the "bad guys" who spread and harbor diseases, the CDC is encouraging health care facilities to force unwanted vaccines on their staff.  It seems telling that 50% of knowledgeable nurses refuse the influenza vaccine.  The CDC will tell you that this is because of lack of education, I still contend that it is because of education. 

Here's hoping that the push to force unwanted medical treatments on people becomes more of an eye-opener than a success.  Hopefully, it will push people to ask questions and do research of their own before they decide to comply.  Although I will not give you advice on whether to--or whether not to, I can give you resources for study if you are truly interested.  Then you can make your own decision--whatever it might be--as an informed consumer rather than blind faith. 

Happy reading.

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  1. Interesting! I've never done a lot of research on seems as if I definitely should!


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