Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time for a Break

I am not a daily blogger.  I am not even a weekly blogger.  I am simply a "when I feel inspired" blogger.  Right now, I feel inspired to take a break.  To simply take some time to be quiet, and turn inward and towards the Lord.  I don't know if the break will be temporary or permanent.  I am leaving my site up because I love to occasionally log on an browse through my reading list.  Maybe I will see you soon.


  1. Hope you find your rest Lori. will miss your thoughts and comments.

  2. Taking breaks are good--it was good for me:)

  3. Bill and Rhonda~ I will still be reading both of your posts and commenting when moved to. I just won't be doing any posts of my own for a while. I appreciate you both and look forward to simply reading and taking in!


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