Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whatever it Takes

The economy is crashing.  We take pride in slaughtering our unborn in the name of choice.  We have, as a country, forsaken what we were founded upon in the name of progress.  We face the fear of losing our rights to raise our children in God's Word.  We pray and pray for our nation to turn back to God before we suffer dearly.

I wonder, though, should our prayer be "Lord, don't let me or my kids suffer"  or should it be "Lord, whatever it takes!"  

Whatever it takes to drive our nation to it's knees and humble ourselves before God.  Whatever it takes to reveal Your eternal glory to a lost people.  Even unto suffering and death--Lord, whatever it takes to do your will!

Our question should be: do I love God enough to be able to stand through suffering and still glorify Him with my life?  Will I give thanks in my suffering, or will I grumble?  Am I teaching my children that this life is fleeting--but Christ is supreme and our treasure awaits in eternity?

No, I am sure that it isn't wrong to pray for our leaders.  No, it isn't selfish to wish that this would all be fixed and we would lose nothing through it.  But that doesn't seem to be the Biblical trend!  I am writing this simply to encourage you.  God is most glorified in our weakness.  We need to prepare our hearts and know that He is our treasure...not life.

Will you pray this with me?

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