Saturday, February 19, 2011

Get Over Yourself

I attended a ladies retreat today with my mother and sister.  I love it when I walk away from an experience like that feeling that my heart needs a change.  I love it because, I love the dynamic relationship that the Holy Spirit brings to my life.  I WANT relationship!  I want God to change me, no matter how bad it hurts. 

The speaker was Sheri Rose Shepherd  She is the author of His Princess and His Princess Bride, along with several other books.  She used a great amount of humor and her best advice for following Christ wholeheartedly was get over yourself!  I just want to share with you the insert that was included in our purse packet that we took home.  Here it is:
His Princess Beauty

A princess of the world....glorifies herself to get the attention of others.
His Princess...Glorifies her King to give Attention to God

A princess of the more concerned about her wants than the needs of others.
His Princess....Is more concerned about the needs of others than her wants

A princess of the world.... uses her words to talk about herself and others
His Princess...Uses her words to talk about God and speak life to others

A princess of the concerned about her comfort
His concerned about her character

A princess of the world...invests her time and talents to accomplish things in life.
His Princess.....Invests her time and talent to accomplish God's work on Earth

I don't know about you, but I know that some of these are areas I can use help with.  Instead of praying for God to change others, we should be willing to say begin with me.....

Begin with me, Lord!

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  1. For a long time now I have believed that you can not change others. The change has to come from you and it only can happen with God's help. God helps you to get over yourself and focus on Him. When you focus on Him you realize it is not about you at all but what you can do for others in His name. Glad you were all able to attend this together.


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