Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Exposing the 7 major blind spots in Homeschoolers

A good friend of mine recommended this article to me.  It took quite some time to read through, but it was more than worth the time!!  If you home school or if you don't...this is valuable for all of us as parents.  We do not want children who seek to emulate Christianity--we want kids who LOVE Jesus and as a result live for Him.

WARNING!  Please do not skim this article.  If you do, it is easy to get the wrong idea about it.  The author NEVER advises against home education or strong family bonds, but it is easy to get the that idea if you do not take the time to read it fully and really try to understand what he is trying to convey.

ALSO, there is nothing in this article that I disagree with.  I think it is right on.  However, I have never read any of the author's books, therefore, I do not endorse them in any way.


  1. After reading this, I would call it Reb Bradley's autobiography--I think most of it is sad.

  2. I would agree with you. It is sad. But I think that many of us fall into these traps. I have heard many a story of children who were homeschooled who walked away from the Lord when they got older. When I first heard the story, I was quite puzzled. BUT I have to say, that there have been times when my motivation was skewed and it greatly affected the attitudes of my kids.

    There are many out there who do it with the right intentions. You and Herb have raised 4 wonderful kids who love the Lord. That is because you knew that your intent was not to shape their outward appearance, but rather their hearts. And you addressed issues of the heart on a Biblical standard. I think that this is all the article is saying. I don't think it's intent was to threaten people with strong family bonds. I don't think it was to advise against homeschooling. I think that the sole intent was that we examine our hearts and know the "why" in what we do. After all, we can teach our kids to be wonderful, polite, family-driven kids with or without the Truth of the Gospel, but what benefit is that to them? If our kids perceive that we only do what we do to create a shiny veneer, then they will most likely rebel against God and what we call religion.

  3. This was such a great article. Besides my daughter I have 6 boys and I have felt the need to rely on authority and sheltering. My husband works a lot. And right now he works out of state. So, I'm constantly alone with all of them. Lately, I've been agravated by myself with discipline..i hear myself say you aren't respecting me! I say it and it annoys me. I guess i'm worried if they all just start doing what they want I dont know what would happen! but i'm making the discipline about me. Anyway, this was a great article again to make you think! I feel led to take things out of our life lately this was good to remind me to add things in and be more encouraging. I do have to say that i think on this topic a lot. my husbands family has had many of the grandkids go biszurk! Recently, an 18 yr old daughter lied to the police about her dad and abuse and the man sat behind bars for a few months and is still in a legal battle. she has also declared herself gay. They lived a very strict life but did not homeschool... makes you think what is the right way to parent... but the conclusion I came to that was most comforting was we are to train them, pray for them, and love them...God does the rest. He is sovereign. They are going to sin - no doubt. When the training time is over we just continue to pray He draws them to Him.
    Always making my mind twirl Lori!!


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