Monday, September 20, 2010

A Visit with Indiana's Top Executive

I count myself blessed to be part of a home school co-op.  We have been part of one for a year now, and we are moving quickly into a new year with new topics, and new learning adventures!

Last year, Emma was part of a United Stated Geography class.  The class had completed a quilt of the 50 states.  We were not sure what to do with the quilt when we were done.  We decided to try to give it to someone in government where it can be displayed.  We contacted the office of Mitch Daniels office and were contacted right away about the opportunity to present the quilt to the Governor of Indiana.  Below are some pictures of our memorable day!

Governor Daniels spent about 20-30 minutes talking with the kids about their quilt squares and asking questions about what they learned.

The table in this pic was made by inmates at the correctional center in Westville, IN.  It was an incredible work of art!

The kids helped the Governor carry the quilt over to his couch where he said he would store and display it. 

Opening the "gift"

We had a wonderful day.   A BIG BIG thanks to Renee for coming up with the idea of making a quilt AND doing all of the quilting.  It looked great.

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