Saturday, March 20, 2010


I love reading the Blogs of my friends and family! I really never thought that I would have my own, because I guess I thought I just didn't have anything interesting to say... Well, the truth is, I spend my days in deep thought over current issues, meditating, on scripture, and thinking through life. Often times I think about putting my thoughts on paper, but I never really got that far. Blogging seemed to be the next obvious step for me. I love intelligent conversation! I am constantly learning new things, and my hope is that I will always be "teachable." So, I hope you decide to follow my blog. Maybe you could teach me something :)


  1. Okay Lori, I am officially your blog follower. Never read a blog before but I know yours will be very interesting.

  2. You are so awesome Cherie! Love you!


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