Thursday, June 2, 2011

A God I Could Love.......

There are so many people around me struggling with hurts.

Some are reeling from abuse.
Some are recovering from the race of trying to just be good enough.

When our hearts have been wounded by the ones we love, we need refuge.  A safe place to hide from the condemnation. 
There is a safety in the arms of Jesus.

Jesus is not safe.

A life lived in relentless pursuit of Jesus will result in~
A relentless pursuit of our hearts and minds by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ will not condemn us.  There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ.  That's God's promise to us.  

He also promises to transform us into His image.  He promises the Holy Spirit who is there to perform heart surgery on us.  

And it is painful sometimes.

But it is for His Kingdom.  His glory.
I cannot make God who I want Him to be.  I can't take the parts of Him that don't make sense to me and discard them.

God is God~and I am not.

I can only rest in the glory of His love and let Him do His work in me~knowing that He loves me, and I am His for eternity.

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